There’s a Riot Going On

On December 1st I spoke at Central St. Martins’ new building in Kings Cross about the August riots; the other speakers were Guardian columnist Suzanne Moore, visiting lecturer, Ken Hollings. Journalist David Matthews was in the chair. Here is a review of the event by design student Lior Smith. I told human stories about inner city kids. Ken reminded us about the 2007 IKEA opening in Tottenham where people broke down the doors to get in after the local area whipped up about IKEA’s ‘knock down pricing’. Suzanne Moore said that the failure to explain the 5 days in August when the riots happened was a wilful political act. There was a vibrant, heated floor debate which was fascinating. One excellent contribution came from Gracia McGrath OBE, the head of charity, Chance UK, who provide mentoring for primary school children with behavourial difficulties to prevent them drifting into anti-social and criminal acts. Chance UK rolls out a franchise model across the UK, persuading other organisations to bid to help run its services. They have won awards for this innovation.

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