Gavin often gives talks to schools, universities and literary festivals and holds creative writing workshops. Scroll down for current dates. Here are recent references:

“The pupils found your talk and workshop extremely interesting, as well as valuable.”
Kristina Leslie, Head of English, Shrewsbury School

“I really enjoyed your book and your talk – it’s not easy to engage teenage boys for an hour late in the evening but they were listening hard and were interested. You spoke so fluently and with such structure, without notes. Lots of boys will be asking each other questions about the issues you raised– should drugs be legalised, does the prison system pose enough of a deterrent to hardened criminals, does the urban cityscape induce crime or would it exist in any context with the same people – and most importantly: should we take English literature for A-Level and study it at University in order to do edgy investigative journalism and write books about gangsters that get made into films? (RESOUNDING YES!).
Sarah-Jane Bentley, English Teacher, Eton College

“He was very good value. Our lecture theatre was packed, and none were forced to be there. I had only reckoned on an attendance of about 40-50. The book is a journalistic narrative with an ‘undercover reporter’ feel about it, which has gone down very well with large numbers of our boys, and several staff. He is a compelling speaker. We have quite a few guest speakers through the door, but Gavin’s night here has caused some waves of approval around the school which happily make their presence felt in my email inbox.”
Dr Richard Malpass, Head of English, Tonbridge School

“It was a lovely session. Gavin engaged the students immediately, and was impressively up to speed on what they’d been reading – there were deft segues from Lermontov to his own work, for example. He handled their direct questions with tact and frankness, and did an admirable job of drawing them out – I was left with pleasingly little to do in the way of prompting or interpreting. He then went into an enviable English lesson, in which the class were able to respond to Gavin’s prose. This was a bright group whom Gavin took with the experience they deserve, and when I spoke to them today it was clear that he’d earned their respect. Perhaps, given that he was talking about how to win the trust of criminals, we could expect that; at least, he would surely be fine with tougher crowds…”
Tom Payne, English Teacher, Sherborne School

“We really enjoyed your visit and I have had some very positive feedback from lots of boys.”
Julia Williams, Librarian, Merchiston School

“The student feedback is fantastic; they really loved the different approach with the real life stories and have shown a fascination in gang crime which many of them have never put any real thought to previously. They now think that the reporting may often be very one sided and almost certainly does not give the true picture of the complexities that lead up to the fatal action. It is great to hear them talking about these issues in a mature way and hopefully they will read the book and do a bit of their own research so that they can deduce their own informed opinions.”
Bridget March, Librarian, Kings Bruton School

“We all enjoyed the visit and the students have been extremely loquacious and complimentary about it in class today. All forty copies of Hood Rat I ordered were sold.”
Lavinia Ford, Head of English, Marlborough College


8 Nov: Shrewsbury, Shropshire

3-4 Oct: Uppingham, Rutland

29 September: Soho Literary Festival. True Crime panel with Duncan Campbell

19 March: Merchiston, Edinburgh

11 March: St. John’s School, Leatherhead

7 March: King James School, North Yorkshire

5 March: Buckswood School, East Sussex

27 Feb: Bryanston School, Dorset

14-15 Feb: Canford School, Dorset

13 Feb: Eton College, Windsor

8 Feb: Berkhamsted School, Herts

30 Jan: Aldenham School, Herts

22 Jan: Marlborough College, Wiltshire

10 Jan: Creative Writing Workshop, Wells, Somerset. With author Tobias Jones.


7 Dec: King’s School, Bruton, Somerset

5 Dec: Christmas Concert, Mayfair, London. Reading alongside Jacob Ross, Gospel singer Dawn Thomas Wallace, musician Alice Watts in charity concert for Befriend a Family

1 Dec: Sherborne School, Dorset

3 Oct: Tonbridge School, Kent

24 Feb: Royal College of Art, London

16 Feb: Paperback published


1st December 2011
Central St.Martins, King’s Cross Campus, London, N1C 4AA.

18th August: 6:45-7:45pm. Peppers Theatre, Edinburgh International Book Festival

17th July, 10:30 pm – Latitude Festival

19th July: 7-8pm. Waterstones, Deansgate, Central Manchester

23rd July: 5pm. Port Eliot Festival, Cornwall

25th July – 29th July : Book of The Week on BBC Radio Four

28th July: 6:30 pm Idler Academy, London

4th June: Stoke Newington Festival, London


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